I’m happy to tell you of the release of a new recording - Songs+Waltzes+Waltzes+Songs - on which I’m joined by John Swana (EVI),

Leon Boykins (bass) and Matt Scarano (drums). Our band is named QuadraPhilya and this recording offers new music from each of us. Matt, Leon and I have been playing together (as re:Trio) for more than ten years. There is no equal for that kind of commitment. This has helped me to continually grow as a musician and person. I’m very grateful to Matt and Leon for their friendship, their collaboration, and for the beautiful music that they make. When John Swana joined the band, an entire new set of possibilities arose. It’s a real privilege to play regularly with John, always exhilarating. Not only does he set the standard as player, artist and musician, but as friend and human being. I learn from him every time we’re together. With these three I feel I’ve been involved in the best music of my life and I think the band has become a true collective entity with a unique sound. I hope that this recording and our previous one (last year’s EnTranement) represents this. Neither of these recordings would sound the way they do without the great engineer/producer John Anthony. The extent of his knowledge is astounding. Thank you, John. You have become a treasured friend and colleague.

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At long last I am happy to announce the release of my new recording, titled EnTranement. It’s been a long time - over 8 years - since my last. I thank John Swana, Leon Boykins, Matt Scarano and John Anthony for the impetus, inspiration, and brilliance that brought this to life (and to Bruce Barth for his magnificent contribution). I admit to some apprehension in making what is obviously a “tribute” record. I hope that it will be perceived as having been created with rigor and humility. It seemed necessary for me to acknowledge the obvious profound influence of John Coltrane on my music and life. Anway, I hope you like it. Available soon in all of the usual places. Check it out at


I am incredibly lucky to have as colleagues three people whom I love and admire. They are my close friends, and my musical reason for being: QuadraPhilya.  John Swana is globally regarded as one of the very greatest modern jazz trumpet players.  Known for his stunning instrumental virtuosity, his beauty of sound, and his flawless, sophisticated melodic/harmonic language, he occupies an elite position in the community of contemporary jazz artists.  He has played with luminaries Chris Potter, Ravi Coltrane and Dave Holland, legends Benny Golson and Mickey Roker, visionaries Questlove and Brad Mehldau…the list goes on and on.  He has countless recordings to his credit, as both leader and sideman.  In recent years, due to an injury, John was forced to stop playing the trumpet and began to focus on the EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument) and valve trombone.  This latest career path has resulted in John becoming the foremost virtuoso on the EVI, as well as a brilliant composer and conceptualist in electronic music, programming and synthesis.  John Swana continues to create new music of astonishing beauty and mastery. He lives in Philadelphia and teaches at Temple University and West Chester University.   Bassist/composer Leon Boykins “strives to positively influence the public through music”. A native of Pittsburgh, PA, Leon studied in Philadelphia and New York City, earning a bachelor’s degree from Temple University and a master’s degree from the Manhattan School of Music. Leon has become one of the most in-demand bassists in both of those cities, and is at the forefront of the community of new, young jazz virtuosi in New York.  He has played with many notables including George Garzone, David Liebman, John Swana, Terell Stafford, Orrin Evans, Questlove, Jef Lee Johnson, etc. In Philadelphia, Leon taught at the nation's oldest community music school, The Settlement School. Leon lives in Brooklyn, NY.   Drummer/composer Matt Scarano is one of the finest, most versatile drummers in contemporary music. In addition to performing and recording with jazz artists Dick Oatts, John Swana, Terell Stafford, Chris Brubeck, Donny McCaslin, George Garzone, etc., Matt has also worked with original indie-rockers Johnny Neel (of the Allman Brothers), Pepi Ginsberg, and his own wonderfully original bands. He regularly plays throughout the world with the acclaimed classical/jazz crossover artists Time for Three, performing with numerous orchestras in celebrated venues including Carnegie Hall and Royal Albert Hall. Matt currently resides in Philadelphia, and is the most sought-after drummer in town. He holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Temple University.